Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

Artists who have exhibited, or plan to exhibit, at Nunney Jazz Cafe include:

Al Morrison (computer-manipulated art)
Anne-Marie Blake (paintings, prints)
Anne-Mieke Lumsden (paintings, drawings)
Annie Hudson (paintings)
Barry Cooper (paintings, sculptures)
Caroline Frood (paintings, drawings)
Caroline Glicksman (paintings, prints)
Danny Heffer (paintings)
Dorothy Whittle (paintings)
Gloria F.Y. Ojulari Sule
James Adams (paintings)
Jo Fox (mixed-media)
Lisa Ebert (paintings)
Mazy Bartlett (paintings)
Paul Boswell (spraycan and marker paintings)
Philip Wood (pottery)
Philippa Kaye (furniture)
Ray Toll (paintings)
Richard Pomeroy (paintings)
Ron Harrison (woodcuts)
Rosie Dowbekin (paintings)
Sam Lee (paintings)
Sarah Godsill (paintings, sketches)
Shelley Smith (paintings)