Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

Children are very much part of the cafe - we started running a daytime event partly because having a child ourselves meant it was difficult to get out at night!  Our son Bertie is pictured below in the cafe garden giving Lisa and Rossiís daughter Priddy a hug ...

Bertie and Priddy

There is always a playroom with toys for a range of ages provided (unsupervised, so you should keep an eye on your charges).  Children are also welcome to run around the cafe itself and in the  garden.  We donít expect either the children or the adults to keep quiet - the atmosphere is completely informal, and hearing the hubbub over the music in the quieter passages is part of the cafe sound!

Children limbo dancing at the Caribbean Cafe

Entry to the cafe is free for children.  We also put on something special for them during each event - a workshop or puppet show, bubble blowing or outdoor games. These are also free. The final perk  for kids is the sweets that are put out on the tables at the start of each cafe - although they have to fight the adults for these.

We mounted a special cafe event for children in July 2000, called the funky picnic, where there was a mini outdoor sports day and music influenced by childrenís songs.