Ghost Dance 2002
Some members of the new house band

Nunney Jazz Café has close links with Warminster Community Radio (WCR) - apart from the sound engineering they do for us, we put on jazz concerts for them to broadcast, they produced our first CD, and so on.

This kind of working relationship with people in the local community is typical of WCR's approach.  Although they have skills and facilities which equal or surpass many commercial radio stations, they are a non-profit organisation (a registered charity, in fact), and are committed to providing a breadth of listening experience unavailable on most local - or national - radio. Their shows include jazz, classical and folk music as well as spoken word, they regularly mount live concerts for broadcast, and do everything they can to support and encourage local performers.

At present the Warminster/Westbury/Frome area has no full-time local radio station, so until now WCR has been an amateur venture, broadcasting mainly to hospitals, as well as to the wider public for limited periods. However, they are currently applying for a full-time license - in the face of stiff competition from commercial stations for a potentially lucrative slice of the airwaves!  Would you would rather listen to WCR than an endless stream ot top-ten fodder interspersed with adverts? We support them in their bid to gain the license.